Resolutions to Common JROTC Unit Problems

Solutions to the Biggest Challenges JROTC Units Face – Every JROTC unit in the world has some challenge or problem that keeps it from being the best it can be. Perhaps you have struggled to overcome this challenge/problem for months or even years and would like some help with it. We posed this question to the 40 Leadership Teams of JLAB 2015 and they came up with some great ideas for resolving many of the problems JROTC units encounter. Below are the 12 JLAB 2015 JROTC Unit Challenge Resolution Reports. Each report addresses the first four steps of the problem-solving process for each challenge. You can complete the final three steps and hopefully resolve your unit problem. Good luck and let us know if these reports were of help to you.

Cadet Enrollment and Retention
Cadet Uniform Wear and Appearance
Cadets who do not want to be in JROTC
Class Scheduling
Command and Staff-Chain of Command
Drill and Ceremonies with Limited Space
Earning Respect for the JROTC Unit
Lack of Cadet Discipline
Lack of Cadet Participation in JROTC Events
School Culture and JROTC
Unit Communications